A global leader in large format printing, Ocè products are designed for high volume environments. Within the Metro Vancouver area, Automation One offers the ColorWave series by Océ for high volume large format printing.

More About Océ

Now a Canon company, Océ was aquired by the Japanese print giant in 2010. The company was founded in the Netherlands in 1877 as a family business manufacturing machines for colouring butter and margarine. Over the years they have evolved several times and to become one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the printing sector. Today they are a global leader in production and large format printing for both technical documentation and colour display graphics.

The company has research and development facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, the Czech Republic, Romania and the United States.

Currently, the company is going through a transitional rebranding to be known as Canon Production Printing from 2020 onward. This move was made to bring together Canon’s pre-existing production and large format printing products with those of Océ to make the most advanced production and large format products and solutions ever developed.

All their products are engineered to the highest standards of performance, output quality, and energy efficiency with a limited environmental footprint. As such, they are known for their industry exceeding customer satisfaction all around the world, including in Canada.


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