Why Managed Print Services?

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Managed Print Services – Is it right for your business?


Whats is managed print services?

Managed print services (MPS) are services offered by an external provider to optimize or manage a company’s document output (Gartner, Inc.). Simply put, managed print services allow businesses valuable insight into their bottom line while maximizing employee productivity. Also, managed print services help businesses achieve environmental sustainability initiatives and improve document security throughout the entire organization.

Importance of managed print services?

At a time when every item in the budget is under intense scrutiny, organizations are searching for new ways to reduce costs and operate more efficiently. Today, businesses are now starting to realize the bottom line benefit to getting their document output costs under control. Implementing a well managed and customizable managed print services plan will help your organization optimize document workflows and most importantly minimize the costs associated with printing, sharing and storing documents.

Unfortunately, most organizations have no concept of how much they spend on document output. Industry statistics indicate that most companies spend 3% of their annual revenue on document output alone (Gartner, Inc.). Also, Gartner Inc. the industry leader in document analysis has shown organization can potentially realize a saving of 30% on printing costs by implementing a MPS plan.

Why implement an A1 Advantage Manage Print Services Plan? 

An A1 Advantage MPS plan will help you identify your hard costs and the larger hidden costs you may not be aware of. Also, an A1 Advantage MPS not only tackles cost and productivity goals, it can also be a sustainable business practice. By optimizing your organization document workflow, a well-designed MPS strategy addresses a popular corporate commitment to reduce paper consumption, decrease power usage, eliminate landfill waste and lessen the overall impact to the environment. Automation One has the manufacturer training, document tracking technology and professional experience to deliver these results to your bottom line.

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